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Established in 1997, Bilski & Associates, PLLC, is a law firm dedicated to creating solid estate planning documents as well as handling all related aspects of estate management. Trusts can be confusing, but they are an effective means of protecting assets from probate as well as giving you the power to direct how those assets will be distributed after your death. Our firm is committed to protecting the people and assets most important to you, and we can help by creating wills, trusts and other documents. Using a personalized approach, we help clients understand how each solution works and advocate for your interests.

Attorneys help draft efficient living trusts that meet your needs

You work hard for your family, so it’s comforting to know that you’ve planned for their long-term wellbeing and financial security. Various estate planning tools can help you accomplish this, and trusts have become an increasingly popular option. A revocable living trust is a useful device that allows you to direct the distribution of your assets after your death, and you can typically change or alter the terms at any time and retain control of the assets placed in the trust throughout your lifetime. Living trusts could potentially save your family money, since they can help avoid the probate process upon your death. In addition to living trusts, our firm also helps clients create trusts with specific purposes, such as family trusts, special needs trusts and charitable trusts.

Skillful attorneyS help clients with the estate administration process

Most people aren’t prepared to administer the estate of a loved one in the midst of dealing with the intense emotions following their loss. Our experienced estate administration and litigation attorneys can help you with executorship duties, such as notifying the heirs, and ensure that all estate transactions are legal and conducted according to the wishes of the deceased. We will also use our negotiation skills to resolve any estate disputes out of court but are fully prepared to aggressively protect your rights through litigation.

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The attorneys at Bilski & Associates, PLLC, have 46 years of combined experience serving clients in Bronx and throughout the metro New York City area who need estate planning services. If you are considering setting up a living trust, need help with executorship duties, or are involved in an estate dispute, call 929-384-7517 or contact us online to schedule a personal consultation to discuss your situation.